Above listed vendors can change without notice


Lions Club - 750 E. Pine St. Ponchatoula, LA.

  The following vendors are scheduled to be at the

Bird Fair & Sale:

T-N-T Pets

Denise Husbands

Don & Brandi Martinez

Young Living Essential Oils for Pet Birds

Feathers and Gems

Klumpe's Cages​

Tony Adams

A & L Feathered Farm, LLC

The Emerald Jungle

Cathy and Jon McDougal

West Esplanade Animal Hospital

Animals Direct Choice

Lajon Aviary

Suzonne Melancon

Melanie Carter

Bird in a Bag

Kenneth Becnel

Mary Brown

Wayne Meaux

Friendly Feathered Friends

Southern Feathered Farm

Halford Aviary

Birds Only Toys

Lois Johnson

Bayou A Bird

Vickie White

​Randy Mehoves

HK Finches

Flocking Crazy Aviary

​Parrots Cove

Kate Ayala

More to Come!