Vendor Information


Call or email Tracey Loup, see below, if you need a vendor application.


HOSTED BY LOUP SUPPLIES, LLC - (504)388-5687 or tntpets@aol.com

Vendor Setup: Friday 5pm-8pm/Saturday 7am-9am - BIRD VENDORS

                             Saturday 7am-9am - CRAFT VENDORS

Fair updates can be found on our facebook page Louisiana Bird Fair & Sale - birds and bird related items.  Please like the page and share updates as they are posted.

Table/booth/space will not be reserved without payment and a completed and signed vendor application.

ALL Vendors: Vendors who do not show up by 8:30 am on Saturday* will lose all paid table/booth/space unless prior arrangements have been made. All rights with regard to said space will revert to host. Vendor "No Shows" will lose vendor status. Vendors must be completely set up before the fair starts at 9 am on Saturday. It is not fair to the other vendors or the public to have to work around a vendor who is setting up late. The side doors will be open for set-up Friday night and Saturday morning until 8:30 am. Vendors arriving after 8:30 am on Saturday will be required to use the main entrance of the building. The side doors will have to remain closed during fair hours. DO NOT OPEN THE SIDE DOORS during fair hours.


All transactions, sales and contracts, regarding sales of birds or goods, are strictly between buyer seller. Tracey and Glenn Loup and Loup Supplies, L.L.C. assumes no responsibility for miscommunication or other problems arising from any transactions. Tracey and Glenn Loup and Loup Supplies, L.L.C. is not responsible for accidents, injuries, death, theft, or losses of any kind of nature whatsoever.

The Lions Club will be locked up at night per the location procedures and remain locked until set-up time the next morning.

Vendors are not allowed to have raffles at or during the Fair and Sale.

All vendors are responsible for securing their rented table/booth/space and making sure it is safe for the public.  All animal interaction shall be supervised by the vendor.  All displays, cages and power cords, etc shall be secure. Vendors release Tracey and Glenn, aka Tom Loup, and Loup Supplies, LLC from any and all responsibility of incidents that could result in injury to the public, self or another vendor has well as theft or loss of any kind. 

It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to be aware of all laws regarding selling animals in the state of above referenced event. The vendor is responsible for any and all licenses, certificates, etc that may be require. It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to collect, report and pay all applicable taxes to the appropriate taxing authority. The following link will provide the needed info for the state: 

Ponchatoula sales tax questions can be asked of the Tangipahoa Parish School System, Sales Tax Division at 985-748-5229.

Vendors will receive wrist bands for entry allowing you and one other person access to your table/booth/spcae. Additional parties are allowed only with approval of host in advance. All other parties are required to pay admission fee. Only individuals with vendor wrist bands on and visible will be allowed behind vendor/booth/space. They are not an option but a requirement per the fire marshall in order to keep a count of people inside the building.

Vendors renting table/booth/space may not resell or share table/booth/spaces. If you do share or resell your table/booth/space you will not be allowed back. This is simply not fair to vendors who will lose sales or to people on the wait list. Vendors if you see this happening let Tom or Tracey Loup know. It's money out of your pocket and not fair to you.

No peddling or soliciting will be allowed without table rental. Vendors if you see this happening report it to Tom or Tracey Loup. You pay table rental to sell others should also.

PLEASE DO NOT ASK us to let people in for free regardless of the situation. If you made arrangements with a person to come back and do not want them to pay admission then you must pay the admission for them. We will no longer allow anyone thru the door on Saturday without paying admission. Please do not ask Tom or Tracey Loup to look for a certain person at the door because you have made a special arrangement with them. Give the person your cell number to make contact.

Table/booth/space can not be moved. No alcoholic beverages allowed. No smoking is allowed within 20
ft of the Fair & Sale entrance. This entrance is considered the start of the over hang of the Lions Club.

The fair is open to the public from 9am until 4pm. Vendors are expected to stay set up and selling from 9am until 4pm. Any vendor that breaks down and leaves before 4pm will be charged a $35 fee that must be paid prior to being a vendor at another fair put on by Loup Supplies, LLC.  If a vendor sells out, breaking down early and leaving is acceptable. Vendors who sell multiple items must sell out of all items.

While we will attempt to keep table/booth/space assignments; assignments CAN change without notice. Any change in assignment will be done for the welfare of the fair and sale.

The event will happen rain or shine.  If the government orders

a shut down refunds will be given or vendors can have rental applied to the next the event.

Bird Vendors: All tables must be covered - please keep your area clean - all animals must have a cage with food and water at all times and all cages must have a bottom. Newspaper does not serve has a bottom.

Vets will be on site. Tom or Tracey Loup along with the vets reserve the right to have animals removed that do not appear to be healthy. PLEASE KEEP YOUR AREA AND ANIMALS CLEAN.

If a vendor does not keep cages and area clean and smell free they can be asked to leave.

Table cloths must cover your table(s) - Electricity will be provided but you must bring an extension cord and tape it to the floor - Please let us know if you will need electricity so we can make a drop for you.

No taping or nailing anything to the walls.  

Sale of birds and bird related items ONLY. Sale of exotic birds only - Button Quail and Diamond Doves are allowed - if your bird is considered fowl or pheasant call for permission before you bring it - no Peacocks, Chickens or Pigeons; call if you are in doubt. No other animals allowed for sale.

Craft vendors: Only your paid 10'X10' space will be provided.  Each craft vendor is responsible for bringing items needed to set up your space.

We do not have access to outside electricity at this time.

If you chose to set up on Friday evening BE AWARE that your items will not have any security present to watch them. FRIDAY NIGHT SECURITY IS NOT PROVIDED.

Please keep your area clean.

ALL FUTURE VENDORS: Please call and verify table/booth/space are open for rental before mailing in forms and money.

*Saturday shall represent the date of the Fair & Sale mentioned on vendor deposit form and/or vendor contract.