Just wanted to touch base with you and say that I hope the two hurricanes left you untouched. Gustav created havoc in the garden and killed my fridge and dishwasher with a power surge, but otherwise we did just fine. There was no question that the birds knew something big was coming- they were looking for a place to huddle up and be safe. The last email I told you his name was ‘Beau,’ but that didn’t stick- Charlie thought it wasn’t dignified enough and he was renamed Pratchett, after my favorite writer.  He’s amazingly sweet, and not at all sure about the Senegal, Dewey. She’s hyper, a little nippy, and all over the place, where he’s calm and considers everything before jumping in. I think Pratch thinks she’s nuts- and he may well be right!  But he’s amazingly calm and confident- we had company from Europe last month and they’d never held a bird before, but Pratchett went to them and absolutely won them over. He loves me, but I think Charlie might end up being his very favorite person. He’s a little confused by his being bald- he’s always trying to preen, looking for hair and/or feathers to pluck at, but even without them he just lights up when Charlie comes in the room.  Anyway, photos attached, and thanks again for the amazing job you did. Dr. Rich said he can always tell your birds because they’re the calmest, sweetest out there, and I’ve given your name to a few people on grey message boards from people who’ve asked, and given out your website.

Hello. I just wanted to tell you how much I love the indian ringneck I bought from you at a bird fair in Knoxville, TN. He was raised by your son/. I decided to name him Orbis, because that is Latin for ring. He is just the cutest little character and loves to cuddle and play with me. He is now seven months old and his personality is just developing more and more every day. He has not started to talk, but he has learned to imitate a police siren (not my favorite sound). He loves my other birds and is always trying to convince everyone to play.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for my sweet little Orbis.
Lindsay Waller

"Tracey, Here's a few recent pics of Chief.  I think he's gotten over his little fear of water.  I can no longer wash dishes if he's out of the cage!  Otherwise, he climbs up my drawer pulls to get on top of the counter, and he dances around, fluffing all his feathers up.  He's so funny, hanging from the faucet, playing in the water!  He's still a big puddle of feathers 99% of the time.  He now says "Hello" very clearly and consistently.  There's quite a few other phrases that he says, but that's the only one that's right on, all the time.  He also does a little 'HA HA!' when I pretend to 'flap my wings.'  I swear he knows what peanut means, because with one mention of that word, he's a perfect angel and does whatever you ask of him!  The other pictures are of him playing with a new toy I'd made for him.  I think it finally clicked for him that he can literally make toothpicks out of wood!  He goes straight for the wood toys now.  I made the rolling pin toy with tons of different wood pieces and he tore it to shreds in no time.  And I could go on for days...everyday he amazes me with something new he's learned.  He's just the coolest bird ever!  Are you guys going to be at the Alario Center in March? Lainey"

Hi There Tracey,
Jennifer and Catalina here. I just wanted to write to you since Catalina turned 6 months old today! She is doing wonderful and I am so grateful I made the decision to bring her home. I knew I would enjoy her, but the love for her at this point is tremendous!!! The fact that I cant love and cuddle her like I would love to be able to do, has no barring on how much I love her! She even dwells in my subconscious because I dream about her often! LOL :) She is my baby !My Dad built a PVC shower perch for her and she loves that. Followed by her blow drying of course! Its when she's wet that she's totally submissive and I can cuddle and kiss all I want to. She has her moments when she feels opinionated and big. But I am constantly learning more and more about her everyday and she is getting the idea of just who exactly is the boss!!! My hand has met the "beak" and once was enough! We are still working out a few trust issues, but we're getting there! I play the blinking game with her and she just caught on today! Also I would like to tell you that she is talking. Albeit not super clear, but she works on that daily. She says Oh, Hi, Catalina, Step Up and Peek a boo. Sometimes she'll put together a couple of those like "Catalina, Step up" or "Catalinaaaa.....Peeeek aaaa boooo"! Nothing beats the Eclectus chatter. We all think its adorable. My Mom (who you met when she and my dad came to pick up Catalina) cant believe how many changes she's made in the last 3 months since we've had her. She is definitely a woman's bird. She more or less will tolerate a man, but I think she likes women's higher pitched voices and gentle slower nature. I think because my Mom is the one that had her first, she loves her the most, then myself and then my 12 year old daughter. When she comes home from school and Catalina see's her, she gives one big full body feather fluff and a good healthy tail wag. She's spoiled rotten and loved to death. Thank you for talking me through the decision to make her mine. Im so glad I did!
  Regards, Jennifer

"Hope you like the pics of Alexis (Goffin Cockatoo) my new baby I got from you at the fair. Ended up getting another cage for her so she would have room to spread her wings and play with her toys. Guess she likes it for I catch her hanging upside down from a perch from time to time. I enjoy having her here for someone to talk to I think she has learned a phrase which is "whats up".  I walked pass her room and I'm sure that is what she said.  I said it and she repeated it. Any way thank you; although she isn't an african grey, she's the best thing to come into my life other then my chihuahuas."

Hey Tracey, We had to let you know we still are in awe with Kiwi. She is so mild mannered with us and so sweet. She loves being stroked and buries her face in our necks. When I bring her to meet Joel in bed she goes straight to him and rolls over. She loves showering with Joel and I perch on the back of a chair under my hooded hair dryer in the salon. She stays put until she is dry or warm, whichever comes first. She has taken to all of us, especially Carson. (4 yr) - She has never been even a little aggressive with him. Her colors are beautiful and we love her so much. Thanks again for wonderful addition to the Pattison family.  

Hi.  My name is Rachel.  I bought the scarlet macaw from you at the Heymann Center Bird show. 
I just wanted to tell you that "Morgan", the bird, is doing wonderful.  He is spoiled rotten, and is so affectionate.  He even gets along great with the Milo the cat!!!

I added some photos for you.

Thanks so much for a great pet!

"Hi Tracey,
I love to write you updates. Most people can never know or appreciate the life w/ a baby Umbrella. I discover things about Camilla daily. This morning we sat down for her grits and she still sucks them down. Too cute. ( I still give them at night also). But like I told you I wear a  flannel shirt over my gown and after grits I put her under the shirt and let her take a 30 minute nap. Well, she wiggles and roots until she gets comfortable. BUT this morning I started lightly patting her back. She never moved again and went into this deep sleep and was barely breathing. It was so cool!!!!!!!!!!! I was amazed and she would root once or twice but as long as I patted she slept. I had to stir around to wake her up and then I groomed her which I love and she does that little clucking like you explained was "birdie love". I swear........ I just have to write you to tell you all of this sweet stuff. We had company yesterday and she came out of her cage to see everyone. Sometimes she will puff up and sway so I won't take her out when she does that as I think she is scared when she does that. Anyway she went to a lady that was here. I am not sure that she likes to go to anyone as she does that little baby cower stuff. I just think that the more people that can hold her it will get her socialized that much better. One day she did not want to go to a lady that was over here as she turned back toward me and I did not make her go. SOOOOOOOOOOO, that's the Camilla news for today. Sandra"

I just wanted to tell you what an absolute joy our African Grey, Rudy is. I purchased him from you last summer. He started talking almost immediately. He now has a huge vocabulary. He is ALWAYS so happy and cheerful. We have had no problems whatsoever with him. He has no bad habits. He talks, mutters, whistles, and entertains us all day. He is in the living room, so he is around the family all day every day. He dances, waves, gives kisses and is an absolute delight! I would like to know if he should visit the vet yearly for a well check up, and is there any vaccinations he requires yearly, etc. He is in a very nice large cage, and he sits in front of the windows so he seems very content. I'm sending you a photo of him.
Thanks again for a wonderful pet!
Kathy Allen

Sorry it has taken so long to send you pics of Casper.  It is hard to believe we have had him almost a year now.  He brings us so much -pleasure.  He is a real sweetheart.  He kisses and loves to be held.   He loves both Walter and me, not like our other birds who pick one particular person as his or her favorite.  He now says Hello, Casper,  Lets Go Hornets, I love you, and also a bunch of gibberish that we cannot yet transcribe from bird language to English.  Casper has taken over the house.  He even chases the dogs and steals their toys. Jennifer and Kevin are enjoying their blue and gold Dixie.  I think Jack and Jeri would be happy to know how much Dixie loves Jenn.  She is a beautiful blue and gold macaw.  I don't have any pics of her in my camera, but as soon as I get some I will send them.  Dixie is talking.  She says goodbye, Daiquiri (Jenn's Greenwing), and other things.  She is a really sweet bird.  She and Casper have cages side by side at the camp but I don't think they remember each other even though they have seen each other nearly every weekend. We are going to try to make it to the fair in Laplace next month.    Hope to see you then.  Karen S

Hi Tracey, Thanks so much for this wonderful "Tornado" Baby! She is perching well with that foot and climbing around the perimeter of her cage, so I think we are going to be OK there.  She/he has settled right in - seems to love her new cage - We finally had a chance to put it together last night and she didn't make a Peep all night long. Miracles do happen! 
She is eating well - had to encourage her a little during the car ride on Monday - but as soon as we got her settled at home - into a smaller cage until we got her large one put together.  Really is large enough for a Hyacinth! She is eating her Zupreen well - along with assorted fruits and veggies - bananas, apples, grapes - didn't seem to like
the orange yet - give her time.  Also likes broccoli and squash -all I had before going to the grocery. 
Will keep you posted and send pictures as she grows. Oh, Charles looked so contented in his recliner last night holding her cradled in his arm like a baby!
Thanks again! M. Winterton (scarlet macaw owner)

Dear Tom and Tracey,
 I haven't contacted you in a while, and I wanted to send you some pictures of Miss Petunia, our greenwing macaw, which we purchased  from you at the bird show in Montgomery, Alabama over Labor Day weekend in 2006. We have moved from Montgomery to Fort Worth, Texas, and Miss Petunia is a well-loved, happy bird. There is a great avian specialist between here and Dallas, too.
She only sleeps at night, or at least I suppose she does.  The dogs sleep in the kitchen when I'm gone, and she might sleep then during the day. The cockatoo we had many years ago slept a lot, but Miss Petunia is a busy bird.  She has to keep track of the comings and goings of the dogs, cats and people.  
Her words so far are mostly names, questions, and directions. She has named the dogs "Puppy" and the she calls the cats "Cat."  I am "Mama" and Jack is "Daddy."  She calls mostly calls herself "Miss P." but she also now says "Miss Petunia". Her favorite thing to say is "Who's that?" with many different inflections. It serves as one of her  contact calls (along with "Hey!" and "Hi!", and it's her response to looking at pictures in magazines, or prints, or on the camera screen, which she loves.  She asks "Who's that?  and then she answers "Cat" if I show her a picture of a cat, or a cat jumps on top of her cage (which is where they eat and she doesn't care).  For objects shown to her, she asks "What's that?" She also says "Look at that." I moved her cage recently, and she called out excitedly: "What are you doing?"  She also asks "Where's Daddy?" when it's about time for him to come home from work. She also calls "Come on," when I'm trying to get the dogs back in the house because that is what I say to them.  We take her out with "Step-Up" and she says "Come on," as she puts her foot out.
 She eats Harrison's Bird Food, and she loves nuts.  She loves pasta dishes and couscous, but she can't stand uncooked plain pasta.  She pretends to be frightened of her food dish if I offer uncooked pasta before dinner, clinging to the ceiling on the other side until the offensive item is removed.  She is obviously a huge chewer of wood, but she also pretends to be frightened of 2X4s and uncolored wood blocks. Ditto for cowering in a corner until it's gone. She is thrilled when I open a shipment of dangling colored blocks, and is not the least bit frightened of a monolithic toy.  She knows a cheap toy when she sees one and will have none of it. She likes to ride in the car, particularly when we go to a drive-thru, especially Starbucks.  She likes to see people in windows.  She also likes trips to the drive-up ATM machine. She hates empty ribbon spools, and when she's out of her cage, and I don't want her hanging around the back of the cage near the blinds, I put a spool on either side of the top.  If she goes back there and sees a spool, she scoots back to the front.  She doesn't like to be misted with water, which I did one time and she was furious.  She only wants sink wand baths. She also hates anyone opening the high window on the side of the cage--that makes her lunge.  If she's out of the cage and she wants to go back, she gets in and shuts the door and half-latches it.  She can almost unlatch it from the inside, and I'm not keen on her learning that feature. We are thrilled to have her, and I wanted to let you know that we take good care of her. 
Thank you for our great bird.

All Best,
Sherri, Jack, Vivian and Johanna Stewart Fort Worth, Texas