Bird clients - please send me pictures of your birds that you have purchased from us - I love to update the pictures and see the babies!

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5 week old Hyacinth Macaw

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​​To own a parrot is one of lifes great pleasures

We are a home based loving environment for pet parrots of all sizes.  All babies are given plenty of love and hands on attention.
With over 18 years of handfeeding experience our babies are socialized from hatch and continue to interact with people on a daily basis.  We can be contacted via email at 
We are located in Southeastern Louisiana and feel that when picking a baby bird you should visit with the baby and make sure it is the right parrot for you.  However, we do understand this is not always possible and will ship out of New Orleans, LA.
All baby birds are Polyoma Virus vaccinated.  You will  know the exact date of hatch, band number and age the vaccine injections were given.  This information will be documented on a Polyoma Virus Vaccine Certificate.
You will also be given a written and signed contract allowing you time to bring the bird to an avian vet for a health exam.  If you are from our area and bring the bird in yourself, an exam will be provided free of charge by our avian vet.

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